St Olivier

Who We Are

St. Olivier's School

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Connect With
Our Local Church


Be part of the life and community of our local church: ​


We the St. Olivier community: teachers, support staff, parents, School Community Council, and church are entrusted to respond and fully meet all of the educational needs of our students in a Christ-centered environment.


To create a student-centered, inclusive community of life-long learners striving to develop academically, socially, physically, spiritually, technologically, and morally.

We Believe …

  • It is important to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • In the philosophy of inclusion and success for all students.
  • In fostering an environment where everyone feels safe, loved, and supported.
  • In the importance of striving to be the best we can be and seeing the best in others.


Staff List and Grade Configuration

St. Olivier's School offers
our students and staff...


Bell Time

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Extra Curricular

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Our History

St. Olivier’s School is a
Kindergarten to Grade Seven school.

St. Olivier was first opened in 1915 by the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis.  The name was chosen by the Sisters as a tribute to the first Archbishop of our Diocese, Most Rev. Olivier Mathieu.  Archbishop Mathieu’s chosen patron saint was St. Oliver, a Benedictine monk from Italy.  St. Oliver’s feast day is celebrated on the Third of February.