1 book bag to carry things back and forth to school (not to small)

4 pencils (HB, good quality). Ticonderoga Laddie Tri-write HB- are triangle shaped and work very well. Please Sharpen.

1 white eraser

1 large pull-over Tshirt for painting (NO buttons or covers that need to be tied please)

1 box of Kleenex

Large glue sticks

2 duotangs

1 Container of commercial play doh

1 Package of 8 labelled basic colours large Crayola markers 

1 Package of 12  Melissa and Doug  crayons

1 small journal notebook (the top of the page is blank, the bottom half is inter-lined)

1 Plastic place mat  (for lunches)

1 Pencil box (hard plastic with flip open lid is excellent)

1 pair of small pointed scissors. (Please make sure the handle is not to thick)

1 water bottle

1 pair of headphones to be plugged into the computer (please do not send ear buds)

1pair of indoor runners to leave at school (NON SCUFF SCOLES). Please send Velcro closure unless your child know how to tie his/her own shoes.


Please label ALL of your child's belongings.


 Hand sanitzer and hand washing supplies will be provided in all classrooms and washrooms. Hand hygiene will be scheduled and encouraged multiple times during the day..


SCC Projects

Remind 101

St. Olivier's SCC has teamed with the school in using Remind101.  Remind101 is a digital communication tool that will allow us and the school to send "reminder" types of messages...

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Hotlunches and Spirit Days

The SCC hotlunches are held monthly for staff and students. PJ Day and Fire Department Hot Dog Lunch on October 12  Multiples Day (Twins, Triplets, etc) and Taco-In-a-Bag on November 16 Green and...

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